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Weekly Newsletter Oct 29, 2019

WHAT WE'RE SEEING // The Legends of Black Girl’s Window // Betye Saar at MoMA

For those of you in NYC, or planning to make a visit, do not miss this show at the newly reopened MOMA! Betye Saar is a legend, and this exhibition showcases her evolution as an artist and black-feminist philosopher. Add it to your calendar!

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Weekly Newsletter Oct 1, 2019

Team Outing! (to Brooklyn)

As you have already figured out, we're textile nerds -- we love learning about the history of the textiles we work with, we love their aesthetic beauty, and of course we love wearing them! 

Working with our hand-dyeing groups in Ghana and Senegal inspired us to to take our NYC team to learn about hand-dyeing and give it a try ourselves! As we learned about the Japanese art of Shibori, we explored the similarities in techniques our group in Senegal (photos below), especially with the shape resist, which involves folding and tying. 

Indigo dyeing has existed for centuries all around the world, and with it, different techniques developed to create patterns. It's been a wonderful learning experience for us to see how techniques have converged and diverged across cultures!


Whether you live in NYC or happen to be in town, make a stop at the Met to see these stunning sculptures by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu! Residing in the niches in the Museum's facade, these powerful pieces carry the weight of history and bear an Afrofuturist vision. Visit the Whitney Biennale to see more of her work, or follow this link here!

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Weekly Newsletter Sept 17, 2019

Bon appetit!

We cooked up a surprise for you! When the team from Great Jones popped into our store one day last fall we knew right away that we had to do something with them! A small women-owned business producing high quality, beautiful cookware and right in our neighborhood? A perfect pairing! 

After over a year of development, we bring you: The Dutchess! Named after and featuring Great Jones' best-selling pot, this beauty was designed by Nairobi-based artist Angela Muritu (photographed above), printed in South Africa and of course cut and sewn in Kenya!

Book talk // How to be an ethical traveler // Oct 6 @ Zuri Bleecker

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Anu Taranath about her new book, Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World on Oct 6 from 5-7pm. This book was included in the Fodor’s Travel “Best Books of Spring” list for 2019. We're excited to engage in conversation with fellow travelers and folks invested in creating better lives for more of us.





WHAT WE'RE SEEING // "the heart of the matter..." by AMY SHERALD

If you're in NY, go see this stunning show! The power and subtly of Sherald's work radiates through these portraits, and meeting her subjects, experiencing these paintings eye to eye is captivating. The show closes in a month so mark your calendars!
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Weekly Newsletter July 30, 2019

Hello from Zuri Kenya!

Greetings from our production team! Here are the ladies (and a few gents) who make up the Zuri Kenya family!

Meet Lilet! She's on the finishing team, and she helps to make sure that every dress and shirt that leaves the production line is correctly put together! She checks all the measurements, makes sure the buttons are on tight and every piece is in tip top shape!







Cynthia has been working with us for over a year and she's on the totes team! So many of you have written telling us how much you love your patchwork tote, and thanks goes to Cynthia and the others on her team whose artistry in joining together the dress offcuts create one-of-a-kind masterpieces!







WHAT WE'RE SEEING // Mrinalini Mukherjee at the Met Breuer

If you're in NY now through the end of September, we can't recommend this show enough! This is the first retrospective of Mukherjee's work in the US and I only wish that I'd known about her sooner! Her sculptures are arresting -- they're strange and beautiful and engrossing, and her use of texture and colors is astonishing.

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