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NEW BATIKS ARE HERE! 💓// (So is Our Fall Playlist!) 🎵

Batiks are BACK!

They're finally here! We're so excited to present our latest collection of hand-dyed batiks from Edwina and her collective in Accra, Ghana. We started working on these at the beginning of the year, and after pausing for a few months and reconfiguring for increased safety measures, Edwina and her team resumed work in mid-summer and we couldn't be more excited to finally share these beautiful textiles with you!

Meet Sarah! She was the main dyer for the Effervescence print, and we thought we'd share a bit of her process! To start, she dyes plain white cotton fabric pink, which will be the base color for the design. She then applies the design with melted wax, and after it dries, it goes into a red dye bath for the second color. Finally, the fabric is soaked in hot water to melt the wax and it's taken outside to dry in the breezy sunshine!



WHAT WE'RE READING // Out There, Nobody Can Hear You Scream by Latria Graham

With the pandemic leaving many of us indoors dreaming of the outdoors, this essay by Latria Graham is a reminder of the privilege of experiencing nature and its beauty without fear or risk. Composed as a letter to Black women who have reached out to her wanting advice on navigating the risks of being Black in the outdoors, she writes about her own experiences balancing a sobering reality and hope, "But there is one thing I can continue to do: let you know that you are not alone in doing this big, monumental thing."


Hark! We made a new playlist! We've put together a fabulous collection of songs by contemporary female artists we love, with beats that are strong, rhythmic and smooth. Throw it on one Sunday afternoon (or even tonight while making dinner)! We hope you'll love what you hear.

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Weekly Newsletter Apr 7, 2020

Kenya Mask Production Update

Following our newsletter last week, many of you asked about our mask production and distribution in Kenya, so here's an update!

We started production last week after sampling various designs, and have set an initial plan to produce and donate 15,000 masks. We are taking all precautions to maintain the health and safety of our team as they make these masks. 

We are collaborating with Penda Health, a local healthcare provider that operates clinics in low income, high density communities in Nairobi to distribute the masks, and we made our first delivery today of 2,000 masks (Salome, Jane, Dorcas and Franklin from the Penda team are showing them off in the photo above!). The team at Penda will distribute the masks at their 13 clinics to patients and their non-medical staff. They will also distribute the masks to their partners in the public transport space who will manage distribution to drivers and passengers.

We are thrilled to be working with Penda and their broader network, and are confident that our masks will be distributed safely and effectively through their channels!

We are taking donations to help increase our production, so if you are interested in contributing, please respond to this email!

No Sewing Machine? No problem!

Our very wonderful Inja from our SF team helped us to make this video explaining how to make a mask at home if you don't have a sewing machine! Using Dee Dee's instructions from last week's newsletter, she made some modifications to show how you can sew this mask by hand. 

As a reminder, these are NOT a substitute for PPE, but can help while hospitals struggle with shortages. To find out where to donate your masks, we suggest visiting, which lists donation sites around the country. Additionally, we recommend contacting your local hospital to find out if they're accepting donations and have specific requests! 

As always, please share your feedback and photos!


Ok, team, this one's for you. I know many of us have been experiencing feelings of loss--of affection, of privacy, of freedom, and just as importantly, of movement. While we can't throw our headphones in and hop on the train, we can still throw our headphones in! So don't forget: we're all in this together, and we'll be moving shortly❤️

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Weekly Newsletter Feb 18, 2020

Market DAYS!

We're in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, about once a month, and each time we go it's SUCH a pleasure to visit Rehema. Not only does she have the best snacks, but she knows what we'll love before we even see it. (For all our hypnosis lovers out there, we've got Rehema to thank!) This beauty is also hers, and should be heading your way by mid-April! 




Meet Emmy!  Whenever we are looking for something special, with unexpected colors or a whimsical design (see "Safety First" ⬇️⬇️⬇️!), Emmy is stop number 1.  On our last trip, we were thrilled to find this berry vine print (in the most luscious of greens)! 






What's cooler than a popsicle in February? Our newest playlist!  A collection of some of our favorite acid-rock funk from Nigeria and beyond, you'll be jamming into spring before you know it.

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Weekly Newsletter Dec 31, 2019

Happy New Year!!

As we look forward to the new year, we want to take a moment and reflect on the last. We're really proud of what we accomplished in 2019, from launching our first custom wax print designed in collaboration with Kenyan artist Dennis Muraguri and printed in Ghana, to developing new hand-dyed textiles with Cheikhnouna's team in Dakar, to popping up in Paris and London, with lots more in between. 

As we think about the future, want to hear from YOU! What can we do better? What do you want more or less of? What should we change? We want to hear it all, so tell us!


A little New Year's treat from us to you! For those of you who love the music playing in our shops, this playlist is a selection of some of our favorite tracks. Enjoy!!

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Weekly Newsletter Sept 25, 2019

Market days

While we often share photos from the fabric market with you, the market is in fact much more than just fabric! Nestled in the heart of Dar es Salaam, this many-blocks-wide shopping bonanza is filled with just about everything that you can imagine!

As you can imagine, we were so excited to see this stunning woman who clearly loves this print as much as we do!








Fruits and veg, anyone? We always stock up on the local garlic as well as whatever is in season--this month, it's tamarind time!








Vendors often pre-peel oranges so they're easy to eat on the go! The market is filled with bicycles and carts topped with everything from citrus to jackfruit!








If you're curious what it's like strolling through the markets in Dar es Salaam, imagine the photos above + the aroma of freshly ground spices + THIS PLAYILIST.  These songs are blasting from every stall in the market--it adds a bounce to our step and colors every decision that we make.  ENJOY!

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