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Weekly Newsletter August 20, 2019

Checking in from Eastleigh!

While we do the majority of our fabric sourcing in Tanzania, every so often Ashleigh will check in with vendors in Eastleigh, on the east side of Nairobi, to see what's new!

Meet Mama Mdogo!

Originally from Tanzania, Mama Mdogo came to Kenya 4 years ago to start her shop, which she runs with her sister. In addition to being lovely to work with, she always has GREAT music playing. (When I bought the Constellation print, I remember Stonebwoy was on and when I bought the Main Squeeze print, Agustus Pablo was playing. What can I say, she really knows how to set a mood!)



 This is Lucy!

Also from Tanzania, Lucy has especially fabulous taste in prints. I always come see her if I am looking for something depictive or unusual! Just this week at her shop, I bought a folded paper elephant print from Nigeria--totally unexpected and whimsical!  Thank you for keeping it interesting, Lucy!




What do you do when your beloved grandmother has a terminal illness and no one is allowed to tell her? This debut film by writer and director Lulu Wang is "based on an actual lie" and dives deep into the complications of multi-generational, cross cultural all-too-real immigrant life. While beautifully capturing the Chinese American immigrant experience, this film is more broadly a celebration of family and the distances we go for those we love.

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Weekly Newsletter July 17, 2019

A Taste of Dar

Ashleigh's in Dar this week sourcing fabrics and visiting our favorite vendors (hi Afsa!) and we thought it would be fun to share a glimpse into the moments (ie snacks) in her day between fabric shopping!

Shopping can be tiring, so it's important to take breaks! Fruit vendors constantly pass through the winding pathways in the market, and there isn't much more refreshing than perfectly ripe papaya with a dash of lime. 





Love mango? You'll love this grab and go preparation! Delicious green mango topped with chili powder and salt, this the perfect sweet, salty, spicy energy boost!









Time for lunch! Dar is on the coast, so fish and seafood are everywhere! For a classic lunch, fried fish with rice and some cabbage and sukuma wiki (collard greens) is a filling and satisfying break (plus it always feels good to sit down!).





Fresh sugar cane with ginger is the best way to wrap up a long day! Sweet, fruity and with a gingery kick -- yum!








WHAT WE'RE WATCHING // The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Go see this! Whether you live in SF or haven't ever set foot there, I promise this story will speak to you. Jimmy is obsessed with a house on Fillmore, the house that his grandfather built and his father lost. As the city changes around him, Jimmy tries to hang onto this piece of history that defines him and his idea of his beloved San Francisco. Change is a powerful tide to resist and this film captures its ebbs and flows beautifully with longing, love and friendship.

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