Baskets & Bowls

Tote it in style! Form meets function with these gorgeous hand-woven, all-natural sisal baskets from central Kenya. Woven using a traditional coil technique passed down from grandmothers to the generation below them, each one of these special baskets is absolutely made and intended to be USED! So whether you're toting your tomatoes, niching your knick knacks, or festooning your ficus, you can't go wrong with these durable, lovable totes.
8" sisal basket with pink stripes
Display of colorful baskets
Group picture of colorful baskets.
Display of red, white and beige colored vase
Colorful swirl bowl
Swirl woven bowl
Colorful star woven basket
Colorful flower design woven bowl
Multicolor swirl woven bowls
Multicolored woven bowls
Flower design woven bowl