Zuri + Everyday Africa

Super limited edition!

Since our earliest days living in Nairobi, Everyday Africa represented a true-to-life accounting of daily life on the African continent. Everyday Africa changed the conversation when it debuted on Instagram, insisting that joy, beauty and community should be seen and shared - Africa as seen by Africans.

We are so proud collaborate with Everyday Africa and celebrate their work, combining our patchwork tote bags, made with the offcuts in our production process, and the powerful imagery of Yagazie Emezi.

Yagazie Emezi is a Nigerian artist and self-taught photojournalist focused on stories surrounding African women and their health, sexuality, education and human rights. Her art practice uses photography and sculpture to construct visual critiques of Nigeria's socio-political state and the roles media play in it, pulling from history and current events.

The winner of numerous photography and journalism awards including becoming the first black African woman to photograph for National Geographic Magazine and to be a National Geographic Explorer Grantee, her work most recently could be seen in the "New Photograph 2023" show at The Museum of Modern Art.