Since 2017, we've been working with Edwina and her collective in Accra, Ghana to create these hand-blocked batik fabrics. It's a privilege to work with such skilled and talented artisans, and we hope that you'll love these textiles as much as we do!

Learn more about these fabrics and how they're made here!

Model wearing purple dress with pink shaded polka dots.
Model wearing blue dress with white fishes and polka dots.
model wearing a black, white and pink ostrich design dress
Red floral batik dress
model wearing a black and white shark print tee shirt
model wearing a pink and purple line design dress
model wearing a pink and blue pineapple dress
Blue and white batik dress
Sold Out
model wearing a black and white garlic design shirt
model wearing a green and white swoosh design dress
Black and white brushstrokes batik
model wearing a green, white and navy polka dot design dress
model wearing a pink and white geometric print dress
Maroon dress with abstract white and orange shapes
Large brushstroke blue and white batik dress
Purple diagonal stripe batik dress