Handcarved Kitchen Spoon Trio

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These handsome wooden tools are made from mesquite hardwood, which is durable and has a unique grain. Locally known as an invasive species called Mathenge or Prosopis, this tree has one of the deepest reaching roots of any known tree, and has rapidly consumed huge areas of land with its fast growth. Although the leaves and seeds are tasty to livestock, the thorns and high sugar levels lead to serious digestive issues. However, this hardwood is ideal for charcoal production and carving durable items.

The density of the wood is conducive to kitchen tools for daily use, passed down from generation to generation.

This bundle includes 3 spoons:

  • The wooden spreader is perfect for butter, sautéing, jams, jellies, cheese plates and more! Length - 5"
  • The tiny spoon is a sweet touch for salt, ice cream, spices or general cuteness. Length - 3"
  • The measuring spoon is approximately a teaspoon/tablespoon, great for baking, one spoon to do it all! Length - 7 1/2"


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We are so proud to be working with Nancy and Susie, founders of Provisions Kenya, who work with artisans around Kenya to produce these beautiful products! In Nancy's words, "Our lives were founded on the firm belief that as humans, we must leave as gentle an impact on the earth as possible. When bringing in new products, working with artisans or developing ideas, we always start first with if it’s good for your health and good for Mother Earth. We constantly search for products that are useful and inspired – we believe in checking on ingredients and keeping things pure and simple. We personally visit each of our artisan suppliers and integrate their stories and process with ours, knowing that linking handmade, healthy products will help support and enhance our beloved Kenya."

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